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Scout Group Websites

A Scouts Online website will help you increase your Scout Group's online profile, keep your leaders and members informed, capture prospective youth members and recruit adult volunteers.

We will build an on-brand Scout website for your Group that contains an extensive set of pages. You may personalise default content using the intuitive Content Management System interface, change text, images, image banners, links, video's and more. The administrator settings allow you to add your own pages, upload images/files, manage your website users, define your section details, setup sectional programmes/events, create photo albums and more.

We recognise that your free-time is valuable and you would prefer to spend it on Scouting, rather than designing and updating your Scout website. Scouts Online websites come with an on-brand cosmetic template and pre-defined default content that we will maintain for you, to reflect future Scout Association initiatives.

Package Levels

In order to supply you with a Scout website that meets your needs at an affordable price and without any hidden costs, we have split features and functionality into comprehensive packages.

Please use the comparison table below to decide which package best suits your needs. Clicking one of the 'See Demo Site' buttons will open up a Scout website for you to examine.

We're so sure that you'll love your Scouts Online website that we offer a Free Trial Scout website, configured for your Scout Group, for an evaluation period.

Click one of the 'Order Today' or 'Free Trial' buttons to get started.


Package 3 Integrates with

Online Scout Manager

Package 1




Demo Site

Free Trial

Package 2




Demo Site

Free Trial

Package 3




Demo Site

Free Trial
Website Pre-Built For You
Free Initial Setup
Fully configured with your Scout Group, sections,
location and website administrator's details
Free Website Hosting
Free Sub-Domain Name
E.g. www.YourGroupName .scoutsonline
Use Your Own Domain Name www.YourGroupName
Free Technical Support
Contact us for website assistance
Pre-populated Website Content and Functionality
Colours, graphics, messaging, video's and links
Home Page
Introductory text, animated image banner and section links
Alternative Home Page
Optional Home Page layout style, showing dashboard panels for News,
Events, Photo Gallery, UK Scouting News, Facebook and Twitter Feeds
About Us
Scout Group specific and/or Scouting information
Extended Scout Group Information
Location map and image, History and Hall bookings
Website links for your members
Contact Us Form
Allow members, parents, prospective members and
other useful contacts to get in touch with you
Sectional Information
Introduction, Multi-faith Promise and Law, Uniform layout (incl. Sea and
Air Scouts), Badge details, links, Join Us and Contact forms
Recruit Adult Volunteers
Adult information, promotional video, links and full application form
Youth/Adult Application Forms
Emailed to you in Compass data entry format
Social Media Feeds
Scout Group-wide and section specific Facebook Page and Twitter feeds
Social Media Account Links
Scout Group-wide and section specific links to your Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest accounts
Social Media 'Likes'
Facebook Like/Share, Tweet and Email a Friend buttons
PayPal Payments
Collect subs, camp charges, donations and raise funds through a
configurable PayPal Pay button module
OSM Integration
Online Scout Manager
Display sectional programme/events from OSM
Website form creates OSM Waiting List member
OSM Member Badge Progress Chart pages
OSM Patrol Competition Points pages
Display selected OSM Flexi-Record Data Tables on your web pages
Automatically keeping your website up to date & reducing web admin
Email your news stories through OSM email lists
Meet The Team
Section Leader photos, names and roles. Click to see contact details,
my News/Blogs link, contact form and biography for each adult
Programme and Events
Advertise your section programme and Scout Group-wide events
+ advertise selected events in website image banners.
With online event bookings.
Group-Wide Calendar
View all your sectional meetings and events in one calendar
Google Calendar Integration
Import events from your Google calendar, enhance them with photos and
then advertise on website page banners in your sectional programmes
News lists for general, group and section specific news articles.
News page + links to stories from Meet The Team and image banners.
Email news stories through OSM email lists.
Editorial 'blog' articles from your leaders and exec members.
Blogs listed in news lists and news page + links from
Meet The Team and image banners
Photo Gallery
Display section specific or Scout Group-wide
photo albums with privacy settings
Leaders Notice Board
Private area for leaders to share ideas, useful
information, local discounts and more using sticky notes
Anything Else?
If there's something missing that would be useful
for your group, please let us know
Ask Ask
Customise Your Scout Website
Future proof
We update default content and Scout website look-and-feel
in-line with Scout Association initiatives
Content Management System
Manage your own website content
Personalise pages, image banners, text/HTML, links, Video's
Override default content with your own
Contact Forms
Select the contact form type to use for each use
Site Administration
Scout Group Details
Scout Group name, moto, district, location, social media.
This governs your page header and more
Section Details
Define your sections, meeting times, location,
social media, location/times privacy settings
User Management
Define website viewers, administrators, leadership team members,
adult roles, biographies, photographs, privacy settings
File Manager
Pre-populated with on-brand images
+ upload your own files, images and photos + add descriptions
Page Management
Add new pages to About, Adults, Contact Us and Members menus
plus section specific sub-menus, and set page privacy for
all site visitors, just parent or private for leader Other Details
News & Blog Management
Create news and blog articles with images.
Specify target audience as general, group and/or section specific.
Add Blogs from your leaders and exec members
Scouting specific programme setup environment,
with event badge images, privacy settings
Photo Album
Setup section specific or Scout Group wide photo albums
Order Order Order

Fully Populated On-Brand Websites
Capture Adult and Youth Details 24/7
Promote Your Group, District or County