Contact Form Module


The Contact Form module displays text and image lists, with hyperlinks.

Site-wide contact form details are emailed to Site Admin users, whereas contact forms on section specific pages are emailed to Site Admin users AND Section Admin users flagged for the section that the page belongs to.

How to Change Module Settings

Contact Form

Click the [Edit] button to show the settings.

Contact Form

Initially, this shows that the Links List is using the Scouts Online Default settings. To change this, select either your group default or section specific from the drop down list.

Contact Form

You will now see blank fields, allowing you to define the text, images, links and settings. You may also click the [Get settings from Default] button to copy the default settings as a base from which to edit.

Contact Form

Form Type: This defines the form to display. Any form may be changed to show one of a number of pre-defined forms, each with their own resulting email formats. You can choose from:

  • Full Adult Application Form
  • Full Youth Application Form
  • Youth Enquiry Form
  • Basic Join Us Form
  • Nights Away Notifiation Form
  • Hall Booking Form
  • Campsite Booking Form
  • Activity Booking Form
  • General Purpose Contact Form

If populated, the Agreement Text will be displayed at the bottom of the contact form, along with a tick box. The website visitor will need to click the box before submitting the form.

Email Title: This title will be in the subject line when the form details are emailed to the Site Admin and/or Section Admin users.

Email Introduction: This text will included at the top of emails to Site Admin and/or Section Admin forms.

NB. Then break line tags shown in the example here, creates a carriage return/line-feed in the text.

Overriding Recipient determines who the contact details are emailed to. This is useful when creating User Def pages, but in normal circumstances this should be left as Default.

Clicking [save] will store the changes you made. Alternatively, you may change the drop down list back to Scouts Online Default to revert back to using the default settings.