File Manager


The File Manager contains a pre-populated library of Scout Association and other images that may be used inside your website.

You may also add your own photographs, images and files.

The files may be used in Image Banner's, Links Lists and HTML Content modules or added to your programme(*) or photo albums(*).

* = Where your package level contains these functions.


The File Manager consists of three window panes - Folders, Files and File Details.

File Manager


This contains a list of folders (directories), similar to Windows Explorer, to navigate through.

The Source drop-down-list defines whether the folders shown are from Scouts Online Files, which is a standard non-editable file inventory, or from Your Files for your own group's files. Toggle the drop-down-list to move between the two inventories.

By clicking on a folder, its files will be shown in the Files pane.

Where Source is set to Your Files, you have the option to create a New sub-folder or delete an existing folder (and its' contents), using the [Create] and [Delete] buttons.


After a folder has been selected in the Folders pane, the files contained in that folder will be displayed in the Files pane.

The File Name, Date uploaded and Size of the file will be listed.

The [Select] button, at the right-hand side of each file, will show details of the file in the File Details pane.

* When opened from within an Admin Menu function, a tick box may also be shown. This allows you to select multiple files to attach to the function.

File Details

When a file is selected in the Files pane, its' details will be shown in the File Details pane.

If the file is an image, a preview will be shown on the left of the pain, along with a number of tabbed detail pages on the right, as follows:

HEADER DETAILS Tab: This displays technical file information. The Virtual Path may be copy/pasted into Image Banners, etc. The Full Path may be used in HTML Content when adding an image or hyperlink to a file.

NOTES Tab: This allows you to add a Name, Description, Location and Date Taken to images/files. These field details will be used in future Scouts Online functions. Adding them here reduces the time and effort of adding descriptions in many places.

WHERE USED Tab:* This shows a list of Programme Events, Photo Albums, etc. that contain this file. The list does not include Image Banners, HTML Content, etc. where the file may also have been used.

Adding a File

  • Navigate through the folders and click on the folder you would like the file to be added to.

  • Click the [Browse] button at the bottom of the Files pane.

    File Manager

    NB. The appearance of this button may differ between browsers.

  • Navigate through your PC folders and select the file(s) required, and click [Open].

    File Manager

    Upload File Sizes

    After selecting a file, you will notice that a warning message is displayed, as below:

    File Manager

    To protect from malicious attack, the website limits the size of files that may be uploaded. When you click the [Upload & Resize] button your browser will attempt to upload your selected files up to the website. The website will evaluate the speed of your upload connection along with the size of the files you have selected to decide whether the files are below 100MB and your internet connection's upload speed is capable of uploading the files within an hour.

    If the website and/or your internet connection is unable to upload the files within these limits, it will show a "Page Not Found" error page. This may appear within a few seconds or after a considerable time attempting the upload. In this case, there are a number of actions you may take after re-open your website, as below:

    • Select fewer files at a time
    • Reduce the size of any image files to a maximum of 700px by 700px using a graphics package E.g. Microsoft Paint
    • If these fail please Contact Us so that Scouts Online may upload the file(s) for you

  • Click the [Upload & Resize] button.

    To minimise your page load time, image files are resized down. This doesn't affect non-image files.

    The browser will pause until updated. Some browsers may indicate that files are being uploaded, others may not, so please be patient.

  • Once loaded, the file appear in the Files pane. Clicking the file will appear similar to the following:

    File Manager

Creating / Deleting a Folder

You may add or delete folders within Your Files folders.

To add a new folder, select the parent folder, enter the new sub-folder name in the New field and click the [Create] button, as follows:

File Manager File Manager

To delete a folder (and its' contents), select the folder to delete and click the [Delete] button. You will be shown a warning message, as below. Click the [Ok] button to delete the folder or [Cancel] to abandon the folder deletion.

File Manager

Important Information

It is recommended that you keep local backup copies of files on your PC. Scouts Online may not be held liable for loss of file data.

If you require a group-wide file depository, for non-website use, we recommend