Event Management


The Events / Programme page allows the creation of group wide or section specific events. These events populate the group and section programme pages. Events may also be promoted in the website home page or section specific home page image banners.

Events List

Events List

When opening the page, you will be presented with a list of events.

The grey bar at the top of the page filters the events by type and date range. The Start and End dates will be set to show events from today to the end of next year. The filter fields may be changed and the [Update] button will change the list of events accordingly.

If you have Google Calendar Integration setup, you will see the [google calendar sync] button. When clicked, you will be moved to the Google Calendar Sync page.

Event Details

After clicking an [amend] or [add event] button, the following screen will be displayed:

Event Details

The When fields define the start and end of the event. Date and time may be entered into each field in the format of dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm. E.g. 25/12/2016 18:00

Then Name, Description and Location fields describe the event what and where.

Leaders Notes are purely seen in this screen alone. This may be used to describe which leaders will be overseeing each aspect of the event.

Show in Banners and Details in Banners allows the event to be advertised in the image banner at the top of the website home page or sectional home pages depending on the Event Types ticked. If the Details in Banner is ticked the description and date of the event will also be shown in the image banner.

The Event Types define the scope of the event. All relevant types should be ticked. The event will be promoted in each of the website areas covered by the event type. For example, ticking General will show the event on the site home page; ticking Beavers will show in the Section/Beavers home page; the YL Training type promotes the event in Sections/Explorers/Young Leaders; Adult Training will update the Adults/Training Diary page.

Where Adult Training or YL Training are ticked, the Training Events tab will also need to be populated.

When the Provisional field is ticked, the event will NOT appear on events lists. This ensures events are not published online until finalised.

After Event Report allows you to enter a report of what happened in the event.

Direct Link will be populated with a URL link for you to add to email, etc., after the event has been saved.

NB. If the event originated from Google calendar integration, the When, Name, Description and Location fields will be disabled. To change these fields, update the event in your Google calendar and then re-synchronise.

[save changes] will save the event and return to the events list.

[cancel] will return to the events list without saving any changes.

[delete record] will delete the event and return to the events list.

Clicking the Training Events tab will open these details:

Training Events

For events with the Adult Training or YL Training event type's ticked, appropriate training modules must be selected. These allow the training diary and events to show a list of modules covered.

Hovering over each module number will display the name of the module.

Clicking the Bookings tab will open these details:

Event Bookings

If you would like members to apply to attend or contact a leader about the event, the Booking Form and Recipient fields should be populated. This will display a contact form within the event details online.

Where the Confirmation Email Text to Attendee field is populated, the text will be emailed to the attendee when they book onto the event.

The Max Attendees field can be used to limit the number of attendees able to book onto the event. Enter the number or leave blank for no limit. This could be used for an Appointments Committee interview to only allow 1 person per interview slot OR 10 for a training course.

Where the Max Attendees field is populated, the attendee details will also be shown in the Attendees list. You may view, add or remove attendees.

If you already use an external site for event bookings, such as EventBrite, you may paste a link to the event booking into the Booking Link URL field. This will be shown as a link in the event details.

Clicking the Images & Files tab will open these details:

Event Detail Images

The Images & Files tab allows images and file links to be uploaded/added to the event. An image will be shown in image banners (if set) when the Header Image field is ticked.

For more information about this tab, please refer to the File Manager documentation.