Group Details


This page allows addition of District or County level sections (depending whether you are using a District or County website) that are not already attached to a specific Group. These will tend to be Explorer Scout, Scout Network or Scout Active Support Units.


On entry to this page, you will be presented with a list of your District/County level sections. Similar to the following:

Groups List

Each District/County level section should be setup here.

Where the list is populated, clicking [amend] will open up their details.

Clicking the [add new] button will add a new Group and move to their details.

Group Details

Enter the header details similar to above and then move to the Sections tab to create a section for your Unit.

Group Details

If populated, the list of sections will appear similar to above.

Clicking the [amend] button will open the section's details.

Clicking [add new] will create a new section and open the section's details.

Group Details

District/County level section details will appear similar to above.

Further documentation regarding setting up a Group is shown HERE.