News & Blog Management


Depending on your website package level, your site may show lists of news articles and blogs on the About/News page and various other pages.

The News & Blog management page allows administrators to create news articles and specify which news lists the story should appear in.

Articles List

Articles List

After opening the page, you will be presented with a list of news and blog articles.

You may click the [amend] button for a specific articles to view/update the article, or use the [add new] button to create a new article.

Article Details

After clicking an [amend] or [add new] button, the following screen will be displayed:

News Details

The Title field is the display title of the article.

The News and Blog tick boxes define the type of the article. At least one of these fields should be ticked. Where the Blog field is ticked, the articles title will be prefixes with "Blog | ", when displayed on the website.

When the Top Story field is ticked, the story will be displayed at the top of the News page, before the most recent articles.

When the Show in Banners field is ticked, it's Title, Date and header image will be displayed in the animated image banners at the top of various pages. The specific pages that will include the article is dependent on the Scope or the article - See below.

The Scope fields define where the article is listed. You may tick one or many of these fields. When General is ticked, the article will be listed on the websites home page. If a sectional field is ticked the article will show in that sections home page. Young Leader and YT Training articles will be shown in the Sections/Explorers/Young Leaders page. Leader Training articles are shown in the Adults/Leader Training page.

The Created date field will default to the current date/time, but may be changed to reflect the true date of the article.

The Author field allows the article to be linked to a specific website user, but may be left blank. Where a user has articles linked, their Meet The Team page will show a link to their articles list.

News Story should contain the body text of your article.

[save changes] will save the article and return to the events list.

[cancel] will return to the articles list without saving any changes.

[delete record] will delete the article and return to the articles list.

Images may be added to an article. Clicking the Photographs & Images tab will present the following:

Event Detail Images

Clicking the [add file] will open up the file explorer.

Where an image is ticked as a Header image, it will be shown in the news/blogs list and at the top of the news article. Other images will be shown at the bottom of the article.

For more information about this tab, please refer to the File Manager documentation.