Group Details


The Group Details page settings define your group and section names, website domain name(s) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which promotes your site to Google and other search engines.


Group Details

Each Scouts Online web page header is made up using the Group No, Area, Known As fields along with the section type.

The Group No, Known As + Section Detail fields are used to produce page SEO meta tags, along with page title and description. It is therefore important to enter as much information as possible in these fields.

The Group Reg No field will be shown on the website fotter bar, if set.

Text in the Scout County and Scout District fields are shown in the website header.

The drop-down-lists for County Site and District Site are populated if they also have Scouts Online websites. In this case any group or section details that you change on your website will automatically be updated on their websites too.

The Full Domain field may hold your own registered domain name. Depending on your Scouts Online package level, you may register a domain name, with or similar company, and point website traffic towards your Scouts Online website. Please contact us before your consider this, as we will need to perform some technical tasks on our side too.

The Sub-Domain will make-up your Scouts Online domain name. In the example above, the website domain name would be

Depending on your website package level, the Home Page Design field allows you to change the appearance of your website Home page and some of the content.

When populated, the Facebook Page, Twitter @Name, YouTube Channel, Instagram Name and/or Pinterest Name fields build a social media links bar at the top/middle of each page.

NB. The Facebook Page field should contain a Facebook 'Page' name. This is distinctly different from a Facebook Group or a personal page.

The Facebook Feed tick works alongside the Facebook Page field. When ticked, a Facebook Page timeline feed panel will be shown at the bottom of the home page.

The Twitter Widget ID field builds a Twitter timeline feed at the bottom of the home page. To build this ID, use the instructions HERE

If the Google Tracking ID field is populated, website page visits will be recorded on your Google Analytics account. You can get an ID after registering with Google for Google Analytics.

When the Captcha Reqd field is ticked, all contact forms show a Scouting phrase for site visitors to enter prior to submitting form details. This is designed to reduce spam emails.

You may find out more about the functionality included in each Package Level at If you would like to change your package level, please contact us.

For details of integration with Online Scout Manager (OSM), please see the tech-tip HERE.