Image Banner Module


The Image Banner module displays one or more images, usually at the top of a page.

How to Change Module Settings

Image Banner

Click the [Edit] button to show the settings.

Image Banner

Initially, this shows that the Image Banner is using the Scouts Online Default settings. To change this, select either your group default or section specific from the drop down list.

Image Banner

You will now see blank fields, allowing you to define the images, links and settings. You may also click the [Get settings from Default] button to copy the default settings as a base from which to edit.

Image Banner

Image URL: This may be a local image from the Scouts Online images or from your own files, or an image held elsewhere on the internet. Local files are prefixed with ~. This virtual path may be found in the file details in the File Manager.

NB. The Home page image banner images must be 700 pixels wide by 464 pixels deep, section home page images must be 496 pixels wide by 186 pixels deep and Hall Booking images should be 615 by 231 pixels.

Hyper Link: This may be used to link to another web page, if clicked by the site visitor. Local web pages are prefixed with a ~.

Section Type: If set, the image is only displayed if your group has a section of this type.

The Image Banner buttons move the row up or down.

Slide Display Time: This is the number of milliseconds that each image is shown before moving to the next image. NB. 5000 milliseconds = 5 seconds.

Random Order?: If ticked, the images will be displayed in a random order. This helps site visitors to engage.

Clicking [save] will store the changes you made. Alternatively, you may change the drop down list back to Scouts Online Default to revert back to using the default settings.