Photo Albums


Each set of pages from the Sections menu has a Gallery page. This allows you to share photos from your events with parents, leaders and other website visitors.

Albums may be setup here for specific sections and with privacy settings to define which website visitors are able to view the album.

Albums List

Photo Albums List

When opening the page, you will be presented with a list of photo albums. The Relevant to field filters the albums by section.

Each row has an [amend] button to open up the albums details.

To add a new photo album, click the [add new] button.

Album Details

Photo Albums Detail

The Name field is mandatory. The Description field may also be used to further describe the contents of the album.

Show For defines which sectional gallery pages the album should be shown in.

Privacy Level allows you to define who can see the photo album.

The Created Date will be populated for you, but may be overridden. The Gallery pages will sort Photo Albums to show the newest first, so you may want to change this to reflect the actual date of the photographs so that albums are shown in chronological order.

Direct Link will be populated with a URL link for you to add to email, etc., after the album has been saved.

[save changes] will save the album and return to the albums list.

[cancel] will return to the albums list without saving any changes.

[delete record] will delete the album and return to the albums list.

Photo Albums Detail Photos

The Photographs & Images tab allows images to be uploaded/added to the album. The image will be shown in the section albums list if the Header Image field is ticked.

For more information about this tab, please refer to the File Manager documentation.