Module Introduction


Scouts Online web pages contain modules to present text, images, information, video's and more.

The website modules are initially setup to present Default content. The Default text, images and video's present on-brand Scout Association material. The Defaults are controlled and updated centrally by us, for you, to deliver up-to-date material and maximise new Scouts Online features.

However, you may want to override text, images and videos for your group's requirements. Once overridden, the contents of that module will not be automatically updated by us.

The menu bar on the left, include links to documentation for each of the modules.


For site-wide (non-section specific) pages, each module may be setup to use Scouts Online Default, or to use a group specific setting.

Modules on section specific pages may also have a group wide default. Where setup, this will override the Scouts Online Default on all section pages. E.g. If a group default is setup for the Beaver Uniform header text, then that same text will become the default for Uniform header text for all other sections.

Where a sectional module has a section specific setting, it will be used for that section, but the group default or Scouts Online default will be used for other sections. E.g. If the Beaver home page introduction text is overridden, the Cub introduction text will still use the Scouts Online Default or Group wide default.