My Profile


My Profile enables each registered user to see their personal details after logging in and clicking the [My Profile] button at the top of each web page. Depending on the website package, My Profile will display different levels of information.

Some information is read-only as defined by a website Site Admin user in the Admin/User Management page. Other information may be changed by the user.

Header Details

After clicking [My Profile] from the web page header bar, the user will be presented with a screen similar to the following:

My Profile

The Email address field is read-only and cannot be changed.

The First Name and Surname fields make up the user's name. Neither of these fields are mandatory, but are recommended. Some website functionality may exclude users who have one of these fields left blank.

The Phone No and Mobile No fields are not mandatory. However, they are used in the Meet The Team details.

The Content Edit Mode is shown for Site Admin and Section Admin users only. When ticked, the user will see [edit] buttons on web pages. This allows them to edit content. Un-ticking will show each web page just as other site visitors see them.

The First Logged In and Last Logged In fields show their login history.

The View and Admin tick boxes show which website content the user may view and amendable. This is read-only and setup by a Site Admin user in Admin/User Management. Site Admin users have the ability to view and change any site content or settings. Section specific Admin users will be able to view and change the sectional page they have ticked. By default, all users are able to view non-private pages.

Clicking the [save changes] button will save the amendments made.

Team Membership

Depending on your website package level, you may also see a Team Membership tab. Clicking the tab will show details similar to the following:

My Profile

The Scouting Role is the generic role assigned to the user. The Role Description if populated, overrides the Scouting Role description is Meet The Team tables. Both of these fields are read-only.

The Team Membership table is read-only and shows a list of your group's sections, along with a tick box for each. This indicates which teams the user belongs to. ie. A Beaver Scout Leader will have the Beaver section ticked. If they also sit on the Group Executive, the Group section should be ticked to include them on the Group section Meet The Team table.

The Profile Photo is used in Meet The Team pages. Users may override the default image with their own photoghraph. Click the [Browse] button to search through your PC, select an image and then click [Upload] to upload and add it to your profile.

The Privacy Settings allow the user to hide their surname, Email address and Telephone numbers from anonymous website visitors.

The Biography field allows the user to add a message for website visitors who click on the user's photo in a Meet The Team table.