OSM Flexi-Record Module


Online Scout Manager (OSM) has a facility to store user-defined data for members. Flexi-Record may be setup to hold additional member data, over and above the standard member database fields.

Scouts Online (package 3) websites allow you to display data from selected Flex-Records on your website.

This could appear similar to this:

Flexi-Record Control

NB. Please consider how appropriate it is to display any information online. You could also set the page privacy to limit viewers to parents or just leaders only.

Please also note, that only configured fields will be displayed, along with member names - not totals, completed or date of birth fields.

Flexi-Record Control Settings

The Flex-Record control is available on user-definable sectional 'Page' pages.

Before starting, you will need to have an OSM system and have OSM integration setup on your website - see OSM Integration Tech-Tip for more information.

After setting up OSM integration; adding a new sectional page in Admin/Page Management and opening the page, you should see the control ready to be setup.

Clicking the [Edit] button will display a blank form, similar to this:

Flexi-Record Setup Control

To set it up, change the Use/Edit field to a section specific name. This will enable the other fields.

The Flexi-Record drop-down-list will be populated with the flexi-records you have in OSM for the section. Select the flexi-record that you want to display from the list.

The Table Width field defines the width of the table when displayed on your web page.

The width of each column in the table will be the same, but the Name Column Width can be set separately - for example to 150.

The Header Style and Row Style fields defines how the appearance of the table on your page.

The completed settings could appear similar to this:

Flexi-Record Setup Control

Clicking [save] will store the changes you made. Alternatively, you may change the drop-down-list back to Scouts Online Default to revert back to using the default settings.