Page Management


Scouts Online website come with an extensive set of pre-populated pages. Page Management enables pages to be switched off, or user definable pages switched on.

Pages List

Page Management

The Show column defines whether the page should be shown.

The Menu Path and Menu Title columns describes where the page is displayed and its menu name. If the Show field if ticked and [Update] button clicked, clicking the Menu Path field will open the page. This is especially useful for pages that are not on a menu.

Page Header is the title shown at the top of the page, below the menu bar.

The Privacy column defines which website visitors will be able to access the web page. This works along with the Show in Menu if Private tick box. When un-ticked private pages are not shown on menus.

The Menu Title and Page Header may be editable on some rows. These pages are user definable and allow you to setup the blank page as required. Ticking the Show field and entering Menu Title and Page Header will add the page to your website. Once added, admin users will be able to set the page contents by navigating to the page and clicking the [edit] button.

The [update] button will change the page settings. Clicking on the Home menu button will refresh the menu bar to reflect your changes.

Add Your Own Pages

Depending on your site package level, scrolling through the Pages List will show rows with a Menu Title similar to "Page 1" or "User Def". These are blank pages ready for you to tick the Show field and set the Menu Title and Page Header. After clicking [update] and clicking on the Home menu, the page will be added to a menu.

The User Def pages are a completely blank canvas. Whereas, the "Page 1" style pages allow you to setup all or any of the following modules:

  • Animated header Image Banner
  • Header text/HTML or Title
  • YouTube video
  • Body text/HTML
  • Contact Form
  • Horizontal Lists List at the bottom of the page
  • Left-hand definable menu bar with Text/HTML header

Only the defined modules will be displayed on the end page to non-admin users. Most of these pages will be shown on a menu. If the page relates to a specifc section, the page will be shown on the section's sub-menu and show the sub-menu. At the bottom of the Pages List, you will see some "Pages" without a menu. You may enable these and link to them from within any page.

Some example pages are shown below:

Example Page
Example Page
Example Page
Example Page