Table Module


The Table Control module displays text/HTML in formatted table with up to 10 columns.

Each column may have it's own title and be formatted to a specific width.

How to Change Module Settings

Table Control

Click the [Edit] button to show the settings.

Table Control Settings

Initially, this shows that the Table Control is using the Scouts Online Default settings, as below, which may be blank.

Table Control

To change this, select either your group default or section specific from the drop down list.

The Col Header defines the title of each column. This can be populated or left blank.

The Col Width can be used to set a specific width for the column. This can be a percentage (E.g. 20%) or the number of pixels. This may also be left blank.

The text/HTML to be displayed on each row/column can be edited in the grid shown above, or in a larger text editor by clicking the [Edit] button.

The Image Banner buttons move the row up or down.

The style of the table is governed by the following fields:

  • The Header Style defines the title bar style.
  • Row Style may be set to standard or alternating colours.
  • If you want to limit the table to a specific height, you may enter the number of pixels in the Maximum Height field. where the table is larger than the maximum, scroll bars will be displayed for the website visitor to move up/down.

Clicking [save] will store the changes you made. Alternatively, you may change the drop down list back to Scouts Online Default to revert back to using the default settings.