Domain Name Registry


If your website package allows you to use your own domain name, you may register a domain name (E.g., through or a similar provider, and apply it to your website.

Once you have registered the domain, it may be used to provide a doorway to your Scouts Online website, instead of/as well as your address.

Configuring Domain Name DNS

To send website traffic to your Scouts Online website from your new domain name, two 'A' records are required in your domain name's DNS settings. This should be done from within your domain name registrants control panel, similar to below:

DNS Settings

Add a wildcard (@) and a 'www' entry, with a destination of

In the example screen shot below, www and default (@) website traffic will sent to Scouts Online servers (, whilst any email traffic is still handled by the domain registrant - in this case.

NB. It can take up to 2 days before these changes are active and propogated across the World Wide Web.

Contact Scouts Online

Please contact Scouts Online to inform us of your new domain name. We will configure a domain name reference to handle any traffic received from it.

Group/Global Settings

Once the above steps are complete, and the DNS changes have propogated, browsing to your domain name will open up the Scouts Online marketing website.

At this point, you may add the domain name in your Group/Global Settings page, to direct the domain name to your specific website.

To do this, navigate to your site using your address, and login with a Site Admin username/password. Once logged in, select the Global Settings or Group Settings page from the Admin menu and enter your domain name into the Full Domain field, without the 'www.' prefix. E.g.
Click [Save] and try to navigate to your domain name from a new browser session.


At the time of writing this, 123-Reg included email forwarding free-of-charge when registering a domain name. This allows you to setup sectional or role specific email addresses to be sent to multiple leaders. E.g. --> All scout leaders

This may be setup from within their Control Panel, selecting your domain and clicking [Manage], choosing the Manage Email page and clicking the "Create your email forwarders or auto-responders".