YouTube Module


The YouTube module allows YouTube video's to be embedded into the web page.

How to Change Module Settings

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Click the [Edit] button to show the settings.

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Initially, this shows that the YouTube is using the Scouts Online Default settings. To change this, select either your group default or section specific from the drop down list.

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You will now see blank fields, allowing you to define the video and dimensions. You may also click the [Get settings from Default] button to copy the default settings as a base from which to edit.

Find a Video

Open a new browser tab and navigate to

You may search for Scout Association UK to look through a selection of videos or search for something more specific.

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Once you have found a video you are looking for click the Share icon, shown at the bottom of the screen shot above.

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Highlight the code from the full URL, as highlighted above in blue, and copy it into the Scouts Online YouTube Video Code field, as below:

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YouTube Video Code: This identifies the YouTube video to play.

Width: This is the width that the video will be shown as. To fit into the page, use the width (and height) of the default video.

Height: The display height of the video.

Clicking [save] will store the changes you made. Alternatively, you may change the drop down list back to Scouts Online Default to revert back to using the default settings.