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These pages contain documentation, hints and tips and forms to Contact Us.

Please use the menu bar to open documentation pages for Group websites, District/County Websites, Content Modules, Hints & Tips and our regular Newsletters.

More pages will be added over time, so please visit back regularly.

Introduction to Admin Users

Administrator rights may be assigned to any registered group user, enabling site and user management.

Site Admin users may amend all site content. They also receive emails containing details from Adult, Section Join Us, Contact Us and Hall booking forms

Section Admin users may only amend content on section pages and receive emails from section join us forms. Specific sections may be allocated to Section Admin users, for example, a Cub Leader may only amend Cub pages and receive emails from Cub forms.

Page Content Defaults

Out of the box, your website is setup to show default text, graphics and videos.

As new Scout Association initiates are introduced or Scouts Online functionality is added, we will update this default content for you.

Site or Section Admin users may override the defaults at a group or section level. Where overridden, content will NOT be automatic updated by Scouts Online.