Newsletter: June 2017

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Configurable Neckerchief Colours

Dear fellow Scouters,

I hope you're enjoying the benefits and features of your Scouts Online website.

I'd like to share some of the new website feature and news from Scouts Online. As ever, most of the enhancement ideas have come from you and other Scouts Online website users, so I'd like to thank you for your continued support and great suggestions. If you've got a good idea for Scouts Online, that would benefit Groups, Districts or Counties, please contact me.

Thank you for continuing to partner with Scouts Online. It's great to work with you. Have a fantastic fun-packed summer.

Yours in Scouting,


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Group Website News
Your Neckerchief Colours
User Profile

Your neckerchief/scarf colours can now be shown in the default profile image on the sectional Meet The Team pages.

There is a simple design tool HERE for you to use to build your colour scheme by entering colour names for background, borders and back stripe.

Once you've designed your colour scheme, just copy/paste it into the Neckerchief Colours field in Admin/Section Details. The Meet The Team page will be updated automatically.

You can even have different group and Explorer Unit colour schemes.

Applies to Group package 3 and District/County package 2 websites
Header Bar Text
User Profile

As you will know, your group name is displayed at the top of each web page and it changes slightly to reflect the section being viewed.

It's now possible to override this title for each section in the Admin/Section Details. This is especially useful if you have multiple colonies, packs or troops and want to represent them all in the title.

Applies to all Group, District and County package websites
Hall Bookings Form
Hall Bookings Form

A new form type has been created for Hall Bookings. It includes contact details, event details, a breakdown or participants and notes.

This form has been added as the default on all Hall Booking pages.

Applies to all Group, District and County package websites
Current Hall Bookings
Hall Bookings List

A new table control has been created and added to the Hall Bookings page so you may list your regular bookings to show when your hall is unavailable and advertise the events with links to others.

Applies to Group package 3 and District/County package 2 websites
Optional Home Pages

A new home page design was created a year or so ago. It's now possible for you to change your own design from Admin/Group Details.

I hope more designs will follow in time.

Applies to Group package 3 and District/County package 2 websites
District & County Website News
Optional Home Page
District/County Home Page

A new alternative home page design has been created, as shown above.

If you would like to try it on your own site, simply change the Home Page Design field in the Admin/Global Settings page. The home page design will change without affecting any other pages or settings.

Applies to District/County package 2 websites
Campsite & Activity Booking Forms

Three new form types have been added to allow website visitors to book a campsite plot/building, campsite activities or both in one form. You can use these forms in user definable pages or any other page with a contact form.

You can see more details of these in the Campsite section further down this email.

Applies to District/County package 2 websites
Group Map Icons
County Map

All maps now have Fleur De Lis logo markers filled with branded colours.

On the County map above, each District automatically uses a different branded colour to separate them.

Applies to all Group, District and County package websites
Activity Information Links
Resources Links

Activity information quick links have been added to the Members/Adult Resources page.

Each icon link opens up a Scout Association page providing ideas, guidance and details for the chosen activity. Simply click an icon to open up the appropriate Scout Association web page.

Site Admin users may add to, or change any of the links in the list. You may also change the appearance of the list, choosing either a vertical list or the tiled list, as shown above.

Applies to District/County package 2 websites
Neckerchief Colours

Site Admin users may now add neckerchief/scarf colours to your groups, without the need for creating or editing any graphics.

There is a simple design tool HERE for you to use to build your colour scheme by entering colour names for background, borders and back stripe.

Once you've designed your colour scheme, just copy/paste it into the Neckerchief Colours field in the Admin/Global Details page.

When setup, a neckerchief picture will automatically be shown at the top of the group's details page - displayed when a website visitor selects [More Info] for a particular group in the Groups page.

Secondly, the colours will also automatically be applied to the group members default image in the Members/Directory page, when viewing a particular group. This is depicted in the Group Website News section further up this newsletter

Applies to District/County package 2 websites
Adult Vacancies Table
Adult Vacancies Table

A table control has been added to the Adult Vacancies page to make it easier for your Site Admin users to manage targeted adult recruitment.

Applies to District/County package 2 websites
District Explorer Scout Units Websites

Earlier this year, Scouts Online created a single website to encompass all the Explorer Scout Units in a District.

The website is very similar to a standard group website, but has a separate Explorer Scout section page set for each of the units. The Sections menu lists each of the Units, so their members can see pages specific to them. Therefore, each unit has their own Home page, Meet The Team, Programme, Join Us, Find Us, Contact Us, Promise & Law and Uniform pages.

This type of website could also be built for Scout Network Units in a County.

If your District or County would be interested in providing a website your Explorer or Scout Network Units, please contact us.

Campsite and Activity Centre Website

Scout Online's first Scout campsite website was launched earlier this year.

The bespoke website includes new pages and controls, along with many standard features available on Group, District and County websites.

If you are interested in a new website for your local campsite or activity centre, please contact us for more information.

Campsite Website Requirements

Here is a sample of the pages included in the first campsite website:

  • Home Page:
    Including hero images, introductory text, future events, news, Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • General Information:
    Site introductions, video, reception and shop details, toilet and shower facility overview, car parking guidance, waste disposal provision, accident and emergency assistance and evacuation procedures.
  • Accommodation:
    Overview of campsite fields, pitches and buildings along with pricing and a link to booking page.
  • Meet The Team:
    Site wardens, assistants, local Scouting commissioners.
  • Find Us:
    Directions, address and map.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Testimonials:
    Text based reviews from visitors.
  • Activities:
    Hero images, site activity booking form, activities list with details, pricing and 'add to form' button.
  • Events
  • News
  • Join the Team:
    Adult recruitment page with images, video, text and a contact page link.
  • Vacancies:
    Advertising specific roles required, with role name and description, along with a contact page link.
  • Booking Page:
    Hero images, terms and conditions, arrival & departure details and camping & activities booking form with clickable activities list.
  • Contact Us:
    Contact form, address and telephone number.
  • Private Members Information:
Campsite & Activities Booking Form
Campsite Booking Formd

Three new contact form formats have been created for campsite websites.

  • Campsite Booking Form:
    Covering organisation and contact details, site pitch/building, event type, dates/times, number of adults/young people and notes.
  • Activities Booking Form:
    With fields for organisation and contact details, notes and up to 10 activities, with preferred date and time periods.
    This may be used in conjunction with the activities list, to populate the activities by the click of an icon, as shown above.
  • Campsite & Activities Booking Form:
    This form contains a mixture of both of the forms above.
Applies to Campsite package 2 websites
Campsite Activities List
Campsite Activites

The Activities List control was setup to replicate the activities offered on the campsite.

Each row in the activities list contains an icons, a description of the activity and pricing details.

The [select] button, displayed on each row, adds the activity to the Activity Booking form or Campsite Booking forms.

The activity details in the list can be added to and changed. The appearance of the list may also be configured to show a tiled, horizontal or vertical list.

Applies to Campsite package 2 websites
Coming Soon
Username / Email Address Change

The ability for a Site Admin user to change a user's email address from Admin/User Management.

What Else?

If you have a good idea for an enhancement, please use THIS FORM to describe what you'd like to see and the benefits it brings.